Health Benefits

Olive Oil is fresh olive juice that is simply derived from squeezing the olive fruit. No other edible oil has aroma and flavor, or can provide the health promoting antioxidants that occur naturally in abundance in extra virgin olive oil.

A natural anti-oxidant, olive oil helps slow down the natural aging process. Interestingly, the most significant benefits of health are delivered when using Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With more antioxidants than normal olive oils, research shows that Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps reduce the levels of bad cholesterols, alleviates digestive problems and can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases, including cancer.

Whilst the health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil offer a convincing reason to use it every day, we believe there’s another reason why you should only ever use Extra Virgin Olive Oil – it simply tastes better!

Extracted without the use of chemicals unlike most seed oils, olive oil retains its natural flavour and aroma as well as many health providing properties.

Olive oil is comprised of many healthy active ingredients such monounsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, polyphenols as well as other key vitamins and minerals. Including olive oil in your cooking can help lower the risk of many common diseases

Extra-virgin olive oil is an important tool for developing and maintaining overall health. Switching to olive oil from unhealthy fats is a relatively painless process, and while it is often more expensive than products like butter, margarine and vegetable oils, it is also much more versatile.