What makes us unique?


Mudgee’s unique terrior can be attributed to terrain formed by shifts in the earth’s plates-evidenced in the line of weathered extinct volcanoes known as the “chain of fire” that runs from southern Queensland to central Victoria. The volcanic genesis of the Mudgee hills resulted in a unique soil-deep, red clay loam embedded with quartz and shale.

Sinolea system of oil extraction

Rapanelli’s “sinolea” system simply uses a low speed cutting action to slice the olives rather than crush them. This minimizes bruising and heating. The important “unique” feature however is the free flow extraction which exploits stainless steel surface tension to capture the microscopic oil molecules prior to centrifugal forces being introduced. The result is a small quantity of very fresh oil delivered at ambient temperature (18 to 22 degrees Celsius) and the remaining mash is then processed at 27 degrees and stored separately.