Privacy Policy

People you know you can trust

We promise that Robert Oatley Olive Oil will always handle your personal information securely and with care. We comply with Australian privacy laws and inform our staff of their obligations.

Why we collect information from you

The information we collect enables us to deliver your order, improve your customer experience and saves you time re-entering details each time you order from us.

What we collect

In most cases, we collect your information when you register your details, place an order or provide feedback to us.

Who we share your information with

We will often need to provide your contact details to delivery companies, call centres, mail houses, third party fulfilment contractors, financial institutions and web-hosting organisations, but we will not use your information for marketing purposes without your consent. We may also need to pass on personal information to a third party cheque clearance house for account payments or to mercantile agents for account settlement. Sometimes we need to share information with recognised authorities, regulatory bodies, governments and organisations such as banks to investigate possible fraud or other unlawful activities.


If you would like to access the personal information we have on record, please call Customer Care on +61 02 9433 3255.


We take great care to store your personal information securely. It's important to us that you feel confident about shopping at Robert Oatley Olive Oil, especially if you're not used to buying products via the internet. Only specific employees or sub-contractors in our customer service, marketing, store, warehouse systems and IT areas have access to our customers' personal information and only under strict controls and procedures. [Our e-commerce sites use a process called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. We use industry standard 128 bit encryption. SSL locks all critical information passed from you to us, such as payment information, in an encrypted envelope, making it extremely difficult for this information to be intercepted. Credit Card details are not permanently stored on our transactional systems. We use 1024 bit encryption for temporary storage. The card number is stored until the order process has been finalised, it is then deleted from our system. Consequently, your credit card number must be entered.]

What are cookies and how do they work?

When you interact with us online, our system will automatically send you a 'cookie'. A cookie is a small amount of information sent from a web server to your computer, enabling your computer to be recognised the next time you visit a site. Cookies enable you to see which pages you have visited and to take fewer steps to arrive at your destination. Robert Oatley Olive Oil creates a cookie containing your id and that's sent to your computer. Robert Oatley Olive Oil does not currently use, reference or share this information with any other company.

Robert Oatley Olive Oil is not responsible for the privacy practices of sites linked to Robert Oatley Olive Oil via hyperlinks, banner advertising or other means. Please take care at all times to check whose site you are visiting.

Direct Marketing

If you do not wish to receive offers from Robert Oatley Olive Oil, please call Customer Care on +61 2 9433 3255.