Distinctive varietal character and purity of flavour...

We have decided to focus on 100% varietal oil to celebrate the distinction between the many varieties available. We had the added benefit of choosing from all the leading olive providing countries.

The varieties were chosen based upon the European experience where varietal understanding was highly developed, researched and documented. The varieties chosen were Picual, Frantoio, Leccino, Koroneiki and Arbequina.


The essential Italian variety. Apple and artichoke aroma with a sweetish palate. Some roquette leaf bitterness and mild chilli pungency.


Spanish variety that is renowned for its superb smoothness and rich full flavor. Distinctive tomato aroma and savory palate. Pleasant grapefruit bitterness and warm pungent finish.


Greece’s reputation for premium oil is based on this variety. Lively green banana and tropical fruit aroma which carries through to the palate. Pleasant grapefruit bitterness and warm pungent bitterness.


Distinctive, delicate Spanish Variety. Mildest of our oils, fresh grassy aroma, mild sweet palate. Low bitterness and pungency.


Mild, rustic Italian variety. Fruity, fragnant, aroma followed by a soft sweet oil on a palate, finishing with a light but lingering pungency.